Soundtrack's Reflections Of


~~~Lexi's Pedigree~~~

Soundtrack's Reflections Of

CH. Zuzax's Coup Jute of Odyssey

CH. Zuzax's Coup Jute of Odyssey

HOF CH. SandCanyon's Coup de Main, CD


CH. Foot Loose 'N Fancy Free of Ironwood
CH. Chilton's Aussie I
CH.Chilton's Tapestry of Hazelwood
CH. Lyssadon's Tiffany of Deserthills
HOF CH. Wildhagen's Dutchman
of Flintridge, CDX, PC
CH. Deserthill's Brocade of Ironwood
CH. Promise of Odyssey
CH. Promise of Odyssey

CH. Tribute of Windsor
CH. Cooper of Windsor
CH. Windsor's Reina of Irownood
Aculpoco Gold of Odyssey
Calvert's Bandit
Fausett's Osolomeo
Evergreen's Peg 'O My Heart
(2 ASCA Majors & BOB's 9 pts)
HOF CH. Tri-Ivory Roquefort
of Higgin's, CD
HOF CH. Arrogance of Heatherhill, CD, STD
HOF CH. Windermere's Sunshine of Bonnie-Blu, CDX
CH. Sweet Season's of Heatherhill
Patchwork Isis
CH. Tri-Ivory Ruff Rider
HOF CH. Windsong's Foggi Notion
CH. Evergreen's Top
'O the Morn'n
CH. Tri-Ivory Top Billing
HOF CH. Tri-Ivory Roquefort
of Higgins, CD
Tri-Ivory- Lucky Charms
Evergreen's Maverick, Cricket
CH. Tri-Ivory's Ruff Rider
Jeannie's Ivory Folly

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