Soundtrack's Oh How Time Flys


Time is a gorgous Blue girl with stunning structure and loads of attitude.  A bit of a handful as a child, she is maturing to be such a striking aussie girl.  It's all about her!  Nothing will keep her away from what she wants in life. She's a natural self stacker!

FASA High Point puppy of the Year. Shown 6 times as a puppy and won SIX 1sts and FIVE BOBP.

Shown once in 9-12 but she just couldn't keep those feet still and on the ground.

Time Takes a RWB to a 5 Pt major in Baker, FL

In May, 2010, Time takes a 4 pt Major and BOW under ASCA SR Breeder Judge, Carol Ann Hartnagle.

In June '10, She again takes a WB at the ASCofSFL shows in St. Cloud, FL

She is out of our Soundtrack's No Speed Limits, ASCA/AKC CDX, STDc, RAX, RE and by  CH. Sunfire's Get Up and Go, OTD, STD

Watch for this Speed X Argus girl in the fall of '10.

~~~ Time's Pedigree~~~





CH. Sunfire's Get Up And Go,




HOF WTCH CH. Sunfire's And Away We Go, CD, RS-N

HOF CH. McMatts EZ Victor

Castles Days of Thunder CH. McMatts Where Theres Smoke
CH. McMatt Sarahs Crystle Castle
CH. McMatts All That Joy  CH. Showtimes Sir Prize, CD
CH. Marquis Sun-Up Sarah McMatt

HOF BISS CH Sunfire Brookridge Up N Away STDdsc

CH Brookridge Winning Ways DNA-CP
CH. Brookridge Midnight Madness CD STDcds CH. Brookridge Quincy's Invasion CD 
CH. Briarbrook's Sheer Emotion CD
HOF Sunfires Made To Order

CH. Esprits Test Flight CD CH Propwash Bayshore Navigator CDX STDs CH. Ellenglaze PropwashTest Pilot CD
CH. Bayshore Propwash Mint Julep
Penn Y Caeraus Aree Elle
HOF CH. Soundtrack's Custom Made, CGC CH Soundtrack's Johnny Five, RN Soundtrack's HiFive of Irownwood
My Harlequin Clown of Ironwood
CH. Zuzax's Original Soundtrack HOF CH. Sand Canyon's Coup De Main, CD
CH. Zuzax's O Say Can You See Me

Soundtrack's No Speed Limits,



CH. Soundtrack's Ram Tough, ASCA/AKC CDX, STDd, RAE, RS-N, GS-N, JS-N-OP, CGC, DNA-CP

Soundtrack's Critics Choice, RV-O, JV-O, GV-N CH. Windridges Electric Soundtrack  CH. Odyssey's Intrigue Irownwood
Somercrest's Cheesecake
Soundtrack's New Moon CH. Soundtrack's Johnny Five, RN
Soundtrack's Instant Hit
Soundtrack's No Mistake'n Me
Soundtrack's Legal Limit CH. Soundtrack's Johnny Five, RN
Zuzax's Original Soundtrack
Mears Hi Seira  Texas Tarheel
Cowgirls Princess

   Soundtrack's Original Recipe    (2 ASCA Mjrs)

CH. Soundtrack's Johnny Five, RN, DNA-CP Soundtrack's Hi Five of Ironwood (mjr Ptd) CH. One Step Ahead of Irownwood
CH. My Harlequin Clown of Irownwood
Evergreen's Peg 'O My Heart (mjr ptd) HOF CH. Tri Ivory's Roquefort of Higgins, CD
Evergreen's Top 'O the Morn'n
CH. Zuzax's Original Soundtrack CH. HOF CH. Sand Canyon's Coup De Main, CD CH. Foot Loose 'N Fancy Free of Ironwood
CH. Lyssadon's Tiffany of DesertHills
CH. Zuzax's O Say Can You See Me CH. Zuzax's Coup Zute of Odyssey
Odyssey's Me O My O of Zuzax

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