The Boys of Soundtrack Farms

The Guys of Soundtrack Farms

The Guys

RTCH-3 CH. Soundtrack's Wishes Away, CDX, RTX, RE, CGC        Doc Soundtrack's Wish'n You Well 

RTCH-5 CH. Soundtrack's On The Road Again, CDX, RTX, OTDsc, STDd, RS-N, JS-N, GS-N, GV-O, CGC, DNA-VP

Red Soundtrack's On A Red Dirt Road

        CH. Soundtrack's Go Speed Racer Go                 Slam Sunfire 'N Soundtrack's Slam Dunk                    

Neon Soundtrack's Neon Nights                      ,

And the Boys who live Elsewhere 

Tenor Int'l CH. RTCH-2 Soundtrack's Ten or Higher, CDX, RTX,STDs, GS-E, RV-E, JS-N, CGC                

CH. Soundtrack's Around the Moon

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