Soundtrack Farms History  

    Hello, I am Lori Fausett - Paul and I am the wife of Michael Paul. We have two of the most wonderful children in the world, Justin Michael and Johnathan.          

I resided in Arizona for 30 years before moving to North Carolina. I have been involved in Equine training and farm management in AZ, training stock horses , pleasure, Halter, Jumpers, and endurance. My preference over the years were the stock horses. I was honored to have trained a snaffle bit futurity winner, the #1 Arabain stock horse, and a team penning CH. I did a lot of private training for owners at their own places, working out the "Kinks", as well as working with National judges. I worked for a few vets, did behavioral counseling, and worked with an organization called The Pet Finders, matching up lost pets with their owners.

       I started showing Aussies in 1977 and won the AZ JR. HANDLER for the year, and won it again in 1978 and 1979. I also had the HONORS to win the NATIONAL FINALS in 1979 and also won the ALL AROUND JR. HANDLER AWARD the same year. I was very involved with 4-H and FFA, showing at the State level and competing on judging panels. I also helped organize clubs, and held positions in the ASC of AZ club for a few years.

My mother & I attended a welcomed stay at the home of Kathy Warren for ten days back around '79 to teach me how to work our "stock dogs". We had some very intense fetchers and I didn't know how to trial them. We took CH. Space of Windsor, CD, STDsch, OTDd, with us that year to learn with. Kathy showed us that all I really had to do is stand where I wanted the stock, and Space would do the rest. In the Years past, I have trialed several dogs in the started arena with only using their natural talents. Sometimes it was their first exposure to stock. Most of which qualified on the runs. Some receiving HSS and HSC. I just recently had the honors of being the breeder of the #23 WTCH CH., WTCH. CH. CH. Soundtrack's Captain Bandit, CD, CGC.       

I look back on the Aussies I was given the opportunity to handle, and to those who I helped complete their CH. and think "WOW!" Some of them have gone on to be HOF and significant contributors to our breed.       

Our first purebred Aussie was purchased from Nancy Evans Kennels, which Nancy had available from a rancher. that was in '74. We then bred her and kept a puppy. These foundation dogs are in our pedigrees today. They were smart, they were loyal, and they were protective of the family, but never caused harm.      

The past holds a lot of wonderful memories, traveling to CA, NV, and CO.   A lot of what I base my breeding program on today is from what I learned thru the horse training era. One must start with clear animals with sound minds (or in horses, you'd could get maimed), and sound structure (or the horse could buckle from beneath),. I put a lot of emphasis on attitude ("hard to get a dull horse to do anything"), and temperament. I like a very willing attitude and very stable temperament, and pretty dog to go with it. I truly believe in the versatility of the Australian Shepherd and always keep it in mind when breeding.

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