CH. Soundtrack's Ram Tough,


  Rammer's first time on sheep  Rammer & son, RJ  Rammer working in Rally Advance                 

Rammer, or "Rammer Dammer Ding Dong" being his pet name, is a fun lov'n guy with a hidden personality. A bit reserved, (like the breed standard calls for) he shows only close friends what he's made of. Come by and visit with this blue merle w/ minimal white guy. He's sure to win your heart. Standing at 20"" and weighing 52 pounds, full dentition and scissors bite, Rammer is a wannna please kinda guy tossed with the silly personality of his father, Soundtrack's Critics Choice, RV-N, GV-N, JV-O, DNA-CP, CGC, an Electric X Clips son.

Rammer has completed his ASCA CDX  (5 weekends) in Style going HIT and HIT Aussie with a BONUS Leg and HIT And HIT Aussie
both Wins in the same day!

He also has his AKC CDX qualifying 3 out of 5 times in the ring as well as having his Rally Novice, Advanced and Excellent Titles AND his RAE with 1st places in Excellent and Advanced with perfect scores!. 

He is also pointed AKC !

News Flash!

Rammer gets 2 legs for his CDX in 1 day, his 1st time out in AKC in Open!  Placing 2nd each time. Second weekend out in AKC, he wins another 2nd for his 3rd leg in December 2006!

Rammer completed his CGC testing with ease!

He is often found at Demos and Obedience Classes as the "Demo Dog"

He also has competed in DOCOF two years straight (1st yr in novice, 2nd in Open, before even competing for his CDX), with his scores being used on the Team for a high Placement!

Rammer Wins WD & BOW under Breeder Judge Janet White in January '07 for a 3 pt major.

He then garners WD and BOW under Breeder Judge, Dororthy Montano in Feb, '07 for another 4 pts towards his CH in ASCA!

Rammer earns his RS-N and JS-N in GA in July '07 with fast times and happy moments!

ASCA '07 NATIONALS, Rammer's a HIT!


     Rammer competes, Qualifies and places in Agility for more scores.  He also earns his first leg in Started Ducks with a great score of 80 his first time in the stock ring.  He also Garners 10th Place in the '07 OPEN OBEDIENCE FINALS!  He receives one of the higher scores for his MVA Evaluation!  Rammer makes the cut in Bred By Exhibitor after running in late from the duck ring. 

In Agility, he receives 6 Q's during the week as well as completing  his GS-N title!               

 He earns his AKC RAE Title on the way home from the '07 Nationals with great scores after competing and traveling for 12 days.

FLPHASC Show Oct '07 Rammer gets his JS-N-OP

2007  Rammer is ranked the

# 3 Australian Shepherd for Rally Excellent B

# 1 Australian Shepherd for Rally Advanced B

He also wins 3rd place for FLPHASC Year end Agility Awards.

                  Rammer takes a 3 pt major under Breeder Judge Gail K. from TX in early Feb of '08 and also takes BOS over a Special and BOW!                             Rammer also finishes his STDd title under Judge Bob Blount with a 76 and the next day takes another WD and BOW under  ASCA Breeder Judge, Janet White.    He also receives 3 high MVA evaluation Scores.


Rammer finishes his ASCA CHAMPIONSHIP

in style going WD and BOW under AKC JUDGE Nancy Harper

 for a  4 PT MAJOR only needing 2 singles to finish!

~~~Rammer's Pedigree~~~
Soundtrack's Critics Choice,



Soundtrack's Critics Choice, DNA-CP, CGC

CH. Windridges Electric Soundtrack
CH. Windridges Electric Soundtrack
CH. Odyssey's Intrigue of Ironwood HOF CH. SandCanyon's Coup De Main, CD
HOF CH. SandCanyon's Coup De Main, CD
CH. Foot Loose 'N Fancy Free of Ironwood
CH. Lyssadon's Tiffany of DesertHills
HOF CH. Odyssey's Karma, CDX
HOF CH. Odyssey's Karma, CDX
HOF CH. Hemi's Regal request, CD, OTD, STD
CH. Keepsake of Windermere
Somercrest's Cheesecake


HOF CH. Tri-Ivory's Roquefort of Higgins, CD HOF CH. Arrogance of Heatherhill, CD
Patchwork Isis
CH. Maranatha's Star Spangled Banner CH. DeLeon's Baron
Bornastar of Aberdare
Soundtrack's New Moon
Soundtrack's New Moon
CH. Soundtrack's Johnny Five, RN,DNA-CP CH. Soundtrack's Johnny Five Soundtrack's HiFive of Ironwood
(ASCA 5 Pt Mjr)
CH. One Step Ahead of Irownwood
CH. My Harlequin Clown of Irownwood
Evergreen's Peg 'O My Heart
(2 ASCA Mjrs)
HOF CH. Tri-Ivory's Roqefort of Higgins, CD
CH. Evergreen's Top 'O The Morn'n
Soundtrack's Instant Hit Soundtrack's Instant Hit CH.Soundtrack's Johnny Five, DNA-CP Soundtrack's HiFive of Irownwood CD
My Harlequin Clown of Ironwood
Soundtrack's Instant Replay CH.Windridges Electric Soundtrack
Odyssey's Sovenier
Soundtrack's No Mistak'n Me



Soundtrack's Legal Limit


CH. Soundtrack's Johnny Five, DNA-CP


Soundtrack's HiFive of Ironwood CH. One Step Ahead of Ironwood
CH. My Harlequin Clown of Ironwood
Evergreen's Peg 'O My Heart
HOF CH. Tri-Ivory's Roqefort of Higgins, CD
CH. Evergreen's Top 'O The Morn'n
CH. Zuzax's Original Soundtrack CH. Zuzax's Original Soundtrack


HOF SandCanyon's Coup De Main CD CH. Foot Loose 'N Free of Ironwood
CH. Lyssadon's Tiffany of DesertHills
CH. Maranantha's Star Spangled Banner CH. DeLeon's Baron
CH. Bornastar of Abedrdare
Mears Hi Sierra

Texas Tarheel


3 Oaks Puttin on the Ritz
CH. Peachmakers Sharp Dressed Man
Coppercreeks Streak'n Wendy
Gold's Snow White Barn's Aldo of PrarieCreek
Roxy Foxy Gold
Cowgirls Princess


Behm's Red Ranger Clark's My Blue Max
Skymar Misty Blue Morning
Framework's Cowgirls Emma, IESR




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